About us – How Showers and Sprinkles started…

Ashling Eckersley Ciara Thomson Orla Eckersley


We are Ashling & Ciara, the sister team behind Showers & Sprinkles UK.

Our journey began when we welcomed our beautiful daughter and niece Orla into the world in July 2019.

We were not the first in our friendship groups to enter motherhood/aunty-hood.

Prior to this journey, we were pretty confident that the beautifully presented (but somewhat impractical) hampers we  gifted at our friends’ baby showers were fantastic!

Ashling Eckersley Orla Eckersley
Ciara Thomson Orla Eckersley




Now we cringe at the thought of our mummy friends looking at that ‘mummy mug’ that they will never drink a hot beverage from, the bath set that sits on the side of the tub teasing them as they grab a rushed shower whilst their darling baby takes a 20 minute cat nap.



Showers & Sprinkles is here to help new mums and mums to be to receive the products they really need and want for their new born.

Our hampers are still as beautiful as the others (well at least we think so), and they contain plenty of carefully chosen essentials, tried and tested by us, from one mum to another.

baby gift hampers

Baby Shower Gift Hampers 

This is the practical hamper that mums will always remember receiving complete with all the ribbons, bows and frills.

Gifting at baby showers isn’t a competition, it’s not about who brought the best gift, but as you browse our products, we hope you get that quietly confident feeling that you will be bringing the best gift.